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The Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness - Montana

Let us share with you Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness - a paradise for the outdoor-minded vacationer. The fabled Chinese Wall punctuates an awesome sweep of peaks, tier upon tier - a world of eagles and mountain goats, and very lucky humans who do not stay, but who come away renewed and enriched, and humbled and uplifted. A place that fulfills the dreams of anglers, photographers, painters, hikers, and anyone who thrills to the sights and sounds and smells of unspoiled mountain beauty, scenery and solitude.

We arrange deluxe pack trips into this superb country. Horseback trips of five to ten days can be tailored to your interests. You will be pampered with near gourmet food, well managed camps, well trained trail horses, and skilled guides, packers and cooks.

"There was some concern when I decided to bring the entire editorial staff of Outdoor Life Magazine, even those who had never been on a horse, to the Montana wilderness on a true horse pack trip, but it all disappeared after the first day. I would recommend the Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch to anyone."
Vin Sparano, Executive Editor, OUTDOOR LIFE MAGAZINE
"Our wilderness program wouldn't work without reliable, competent, well-equipped outfitters like you two. The people responsible for the success of our trip, and the catalysts for our coming together in spirit, were Virgil and Barbara Burns, our outfitters and the proprietors of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch. The trips' practical arrangements, selection and care of campsites, healthy animals, food, and all the rest, were outstanding. I've never been anyplace where people worked so hard to please paying guests and at the same time made them feel so much like friends."
Trail Riders of the Wilderness, Washington, D.C.

July and August are perfect months for both weather and experiencing our sightseeing and photography adventures. If you fly commercially, transportation to and from the Missoula Airport is provided.

In addition, we arrange complimentary lodging and meals before an after your trip. Everything but your personal gear is provided. A suggested list of what to bring and other helpful information will be sent to you upon booking a trip.

Since we have been outfitting in the "Bob" for more than thirty years, we have discovered, and have been able to utilize, the most desirable campsites. We chose these campsites for the hottest fishing and proximity to the most spectacular scenery.

We schedule five to ten day wilderness sightseeing and photography expeditions during July and August. The cost of these expeditions is $365 per person per day. The following are descriptions of various trips, although we can customize the itineraries to fit your specific needs.


You are based out of a main tent camp in the Bob Marshall Wilderness on the five day wildernerness expeditions. We ride from our lodge in the Swan Valley to our remotely located wilderness camp at Shaw Creek. We will remain at Shaw Camp for the duration of the trip. Shaw Camp offers luxury in the wilderness; it is often referred to as "The Shaw Creek Sheraton." Amenities include large wall tents, heated sleep tents, cots with mattress pads, first class dining and cook tent, a primitive privy, corrals, saddle and hay tent, our crew tent and a shower.

Each day we arrange side rides to some of the most beautiful alpine lakes imaginable. These pristine lakes are choked with cutthroat trout ranging in size from ten to twenty-two inches. The fish are easy and exciting to catch as you see them coming from the depths of these incredibly clear waters to your fly. We also fish Shaw Creek and Gordon Creek, feeder streams of the South Fork of the Flathead River. Bull trout also inhabit these waters.

Those primarily interested in sightseeing will experience the "Top of Shaw," a 360-degree view of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, The Mountain Goats of Koessler Lake, besides an abundance of wildlife and wildflowers.

Koessler Lake Montana7 - 8 DAY WILDERNESS ADVENTURE

You will ride to the South Fork of the Flathead River on a seven or eight day expedition and fish the infamous South Fork and it's tributaries. "I can only say that is the best dry fly fishing for cutthroat trout, anywhere in the U.S." David Beals, III. As a bonus, fly fisherman have a chance to tangle with bull trout which average four to eight pounds and can reach double-digit weights.

Sightseers will ride to the top of Shaw Peak, The Flathead Alps and Jumbo Lookout Peak. These lookouts give a 360-degree view of the "Bob" in addition to an encompassing view of the infamous Chinese Wall. The first stop will be at Shaw Camp, and then you will move to the South Fork of the Flathead River and camp alongside this magnificent fishery. From this campsite you fish the river or its tributaries.

You will then move to Burnt Creek Parks, camping alongside the South Fork in the shadow of Scar Face Mountain. From this camp we arrange sightseers a ride to the mysterious natural wonder of the Ice Caves, while fishermen experience absolutely incredible fishing.


The ten day trips allow you enough time to ride to the top of the Chinese Wall, part of the Continental Divide, an escarpment plummeting one thousand feet straight down and extending lengthwise some twelve miles. National Geographic Magazine entitled a feature article about the "Bob's" fabled Chinese Wall - "The Great Wall of China, But You Can't Get There By Airplane." You will also have the opportunity to fish the trout choked waters of the lower South Fork of the Flathead at Murphy Flats.

Fishing enthusiasts will experience several camps alongside the South Fork offering unsurpassed fishing. We have the opportunity to fish the South Fork at several locations as well as it's tributaries. This fishing experience is the culmination of all of the camp sites visited on our shorter trips with the inclusion of more spectacular camp sites along the South Fork. There is no finer fishing experience available, anywhere!

Sightseers have the opportunity to ride to the top of the "Wall" in addition to Shaw Peak, the Flathead Alps and other high mountain lookouts. Although improbable, it is possible to get that final 'fix' on the Rocky Mountains. These ten day expeditions allow more time to fish, relax and enjoy this vast natural paradise. At trips end, you will be surprised to discover that you are still not ready to leave the wilderness.

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